The Job Commences

First day in the ORTen years of education – DONE! I’ve started working in Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada taking on the responsibility of family medicine clinic, ER coverage, and anesthesia. It was a mix of emotions working my first few shifts. Overwhelming at times, but most gratifying at others. As a student and resident, there is always a subconscious net that supports your every decision. It is not until now that I’ve felt the entire weight of my clinical judgement and decisions for the health and safety of MY patients. Bad decision – the flames of Devil’s breath divulge me; good decision – cloud nine. This will be a fulfilling life.

Hello world!

 In recent years, there has been an explosion of medical blogs and podcasts in various fields of study that have both been highly motivational and inspirational. It made me think. Why don’t I create my own?!

So here I am, with my first inaugural post.

Starting in July, I will be doing the GP anesthesia program here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The program is highly demanding, requiring countless hours of work and dedication as the learning curve is very very steep. To keep me on track and focused, I thought posting daily selected cases, teaching pearls, and relevant articles and links to these topics would only add to the learning experience.

I hope over the upcoming months, years, and hopefully career, I’ll be able to catalog my journey as a general practitioner anesthetist!